Emmilein - About Me

Emmilein - About Me

Hey you!

I'm Emmi, 25 years old and I've got a rather unique blend of interests: gaming, metal music, cats and BDSM. It might seem a bit unusual at first, doesn't it? But for me, these passions create a captivating world of my own and I'd love to share it with you! 🙂

Let me give you a bit more insight into who I am:

In my free time, I love immersing myself in virtual worlds. The PC is almost like my best friend and I can easily spend hours in front of the screen, completely losing myself in gaming. In fact, World of Warcraft has been a constant companion since its release - a true long-term relationship, you could say!

When I'm in the mood for some fast-paced action, games like Battlefield or Rocket League are my go-to choices. However, I can just as easily lose myself in the strategic depths of games like Anno 1800 or immerse myself in the creation of an impressive megacity in City Skylines. I don't stick to a specific genre, instead I love exploring new worlds and experiences. 

But what would a shy, kinky gamer girl like me be without her loyal fur companions? That's why cats hold a special place in my heart and I couldn't imagine life without them! They infuse my daily routine with joy and warmth and their endearing meows never fail to bring a smile to my face.

In the evenings I enjoy delving into a good book to wind down and end the day on a relaxed note. Reading not only opens up new perspectives for me but also contributes to my personal development. It's a wonderful way for me to disconnect and recharge.

Beyond my "normal" leisure activities, there's another side of me that I'm eager to explore further - BDSM fascinates me immensely.

The dynamic between dominance and submission, coupled with the devotion and trust, that can emerge in such relationships, holds a great attraction for me. I'm always curious to learn about other people's preferences, inclinations and desires, as it may lead me to discover new aspects of myself in the process.

While I'm primarily submissive, it doesn't mean that I don't enjoy occasionally taking on the dominant role. 😉 Exploring different facets of my sexuality and evolving in various roles is something I find exciting.

Over the years I've built up quite a collection of sex toys. If you're interested, you might get to see and experience them in action here and there. What particularly appeals to me is the opportunity for remote control, creating a unique kind of closeness and intimacy we can share over the internet. 😛 Honestly, there's a thrill and arousal in someone controlling a toy I'm wearing inside me and playing with me like that.

I have a collection of remote-controlled toys from Lovense. You can find a list of them here.

Chatting is more comfortable for me than in "real" life. I tend to be more direct and open in chat, allowing us to share more intimate thoughts faster than would be possible in person because, truthfully, I am rather shy in real life.

It's important to me that our communication feels comfortable, creating a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere where we can simply have fun together.

Overall, I'd say I'm probably the shy basement kid next door with certain preferences. 😀 Over time, you'll certainly get to know both sides of me. 

So, if you're into gaming, metal (other interests are allowed too, of course! Just please, no German rap, Schranz or Schlager, lol 😛), cats or BDSM as much as I am, let's explore this unique cosmos together. I'm excited about the exciting adventures we can experience together!

I'm looking forward to getting to know you!



Discover more about me in my profile. 😉

Emmilein - About Me


‣ Birthday: 04.09.

‣ Size: 158 cm

‣ Weight: 48 kg

‣ Chest size: 75 B

‣ Eye color: brown

‣ Shoe size: 37.5


‣ Film: Joker, Red

‣ Serien: Simpsons, Breaking Bad

‣ Bands: From Ashes To New, BMTH, While She Sleeps

‣ Favorite city: NYC, Tokyo

‣ Color: Turquoise, Pink

‣ Toy: Domi 2, Dragon

‣ Position: doggy, spooning



What does your ideal community look like in your imagination?

I aim for a community where superficiality and prejudices are non-existent and where nerds, geeks and introverts feel genuinely welcome. Open-mindedness, lively exchanges on equal footing and respectful treatment of one another are values I hold dear.

I'm seeking a space where I feel accepted and understood, where I don't have to justify my preferences but can simply be myself. It's a place where people with similar interests come together.

Age is irrelevant to me, it's the common interests and openness to new experiences that bring us together. Meeting people from different generations is refreshing, allowing us to benefit from their experiences.

And if the folks I meet happen to be dominant gamers with an additional interest in BDSM, that would be ideal, but certainly not a must, haha. 😉

How did you end up becoming an amateur?

I've struggled with high insecurity in relationships and with people. In an effort to combat my shyness, I came up with the idea to explore being an amateur, a unique way to "work" on myself.

I see this as an opportunity to rediscover and experience myself. It provides me with the chance to exchange ideas with others, make new connections and enhance my social skills. Of course it also broadens my sexual horizons immensely. 😀

Being an amateur also allows me to "challenge" myself in terms of how much I'm willing to reveal and share about myself.

In which city would you like to live?

I dream of living in New York for six months on a trial basis. The city holds an irresistible attraction for me and I yearn to experience its energy and diversity firsthand. New York provides a wealth of opportunities and experiences that I would love to immerse myself in.

But I'm also aware that I wouldn't want to live in a metropolis in the long term. I'd much rather reside in a quiet, secluded place in nature. 😀 

The idea of living in New York for a period is an exciting opportunity for me to have new experiences, personal growth and just get a feel for the city. However, in the long run I prefer the tranquility of being by myself and avoiding the constant hustle and bustle.


Do you watch anime?

Absolutely! I can't resist a good anime. 

To give you a taste of what I'm into, here's a rundown of my favorite anime:

Dragonball Z, Detective Conan, Hellsing, Death Note, Tokyo Ghoul and Elf Song.

Perhaps you've noticed already, but I've got Shenlong from DBZ tattooed just above my hip. 😉

PC or console?

I'm definitely a PC enthusiast! For me, gaming requires a mouse and keyboard, not a controller. I only break out the controller for racing games or beat 'em up games. 

Can we play together or chat in Discord?

I can only give you contact information about my official Profiles. If I were to add "everyone" on Discord etc., it wouldn't do justice to the personal connection I seek. Feel free to drop me a message on one of the platforms or join me on webcam. 🙂

What are you playing?

My main game is World of Warcraft. I play an Orc Warlock on the Horde side. 🙂


Emmilein CTA

Sign up today and let's jump into the fun right away! Join me in becoming part of my colorful, playful world. Are you in? 😉

What is your favorite sex toy?

It's not easy to answer because I have a relatively large collection of sex toys, each of which I enjoy in its own way.

A diverse range of sex toys means having the right one for every mood. With different toys I can explore my current, individual preferences whether it's vaginal, clitoral or anal stimulation - or all at the same time. 😉

If I had to pick one toy in particular, it would probably be the Domi 2, which can also be controlled remotely and has the potential to bring me to orgasm multiple times. And, of course, I have a soft spot for my fantasy dildos! 😛 

What defines really good sex for you?

For me it's crucial to be able to completely let go and feel at ease with my partner. Feeling accepted, loved and respected just as I am is essential. Without that sense of security, nothing quite works for me.

Common interests, preferences and fetishes also play a significant role, of course. Mutual support and prioritizing each other's well-being are crucial aspects for me, especially in the context of BDSM practices.

For me, good sex, much like a relationship, is defined by mutual trust, shared interests and a deep connection. Both partners should simply want to do something positive for each other.

What other sexual experience do you dream about?

My sexual fantasy involves being tied up by several men and then being pleasured by them simultaneously. However, I cannot say whether I would enjoy this in reality - and I may be too shy to ever try it for real.


What are your favorite positions?

I enjoy being taken in the doggy position.

In this position, the man can not only penetrate me very deeply, intensifying the experience, but also take control. He has the option to set the pace and rhythm of the movements, perhaps adding playful elements like slapping my butt or pulling my hair.

Moreover, I find the position to be incredibly versatile. You can adjust the angle by positioning the hips higher or lower, making it adaptable to current needs and preferences depending on the mood.

What is more important: size or technique?

For me, a combination of size and technique is important. A large member alone cannot guarantee a fulfilling sexual experience. Equally crucial is having the skills to stimulate me in other ways and respond to my needs.

It's also about how he uses his hands, mouth and other body parts to stimulate me. Sensitive touch, variation in rhythm, the ability to respond to my reactions and explore my erogenous zones are all crucial aspects contributing to a fulfilling sexual experience.

However, it's important to note that sexual fulfillment isn't solely dependent on your partner's anatomy. Many other factors, such as emotional connection, atmosphere, foreplay and communication play a significant role in shaping the overall sexual experience.


What doesn't work for you during sex?

What doesn't work for me is a lack of personal hygiene. Cleanliness and a well-groomed appearance are essential for me to feel comfortable in an intimate relationship.

Additionally, it's crucial to me that my partner respects my personal boundaries and preferences. It's unacceptable if they perform actions I don't like or that make me uncomfortable. Mutual consent is indispensable for me.

I also find it unpleasant and annoying when someone gives strange instructions, like "Let your tits bounce nice up and down" or "run out for me like a waterfall". 😀 That just seems really weird!

Where is your cam positioned?

I've specially created a little room for camming and having fun, where I can relax and feel comfortable. It's a space for me to discover myself, explore my desires and pursue my personal needs.

I've made an effort to create an environment that suits my preferences, where I can indulge myself without inhibitions and restrictions.

Additionally, I've organized my toys in this cam room making them easily accessible whenever I feel like having some solo fun or enjoying time together with you. 😛 


What is your relationship status?

I'm currently in a happy relationship with myself. 😉

Being single has many advantages for me personally. I enjoy the independence, the ability to make decisions flexibly and freely without compromises and the opportunity to explore various social contacts and form new friendships.

Moreover, being single allows me to get to know myself better and discover who I really am. It provides the space to develop myself and have new experiences - like this one, for example. 😉